How to Write more Viral Titles For Articles On Your Blog

If you write an article and now time to chose the best title for your blog you always worry about that but The goal is always to try to get the publications of our blog/web to get more viral and, in turn, attract more readers. In the same way, there are many bloggers who use techniques similar to those of others for these purposes, but which give different results to each one. That is, many times what works for us, not others(that’struebecause on the Internet the decisions to read and share – or not – a content are taken in just a few seconds).

What to keep in mind when writing more viral and attractive titles for our blog posts?

1.The Rule of the “70” characters

Updated: now Google only shows “60 characters”

Google only shows the first 60 characters of any title.Spending too much of that length not only hurts our article in SEO, but it will also make it appear in the search lists an unfinished, almost meaningless or unattractive title.

Those 60 characters are also important to facilitate the exchange(virality)in social networks because an extensive title is usually harder to read or remember.

How to write more viral titles for articles on your blog

2. That the title contains keywords

Obviously, what we all finally want is for our articles to be read by a large number of people.But, if they do not find them easily, it is difficult for them to read them.It is for that reason that, in order to increase traffic to them, they must first appear among the search engine results.

The titles play a very important role in the SEO positioning of an article.So we must include in them the most relevant keywords in our article and those that people usually use to find that type of content or topics.


3. Be brief and go straight to the point

It uses short, but powerful structures, in which the relevant keywords are as far forward as possible.That is to say, that it is a simple and brief title, but as attractive as possible and, above all, representative of the topic to be treated.

A short title facilitates virality in social networks”For example platforms such as Twitter only allow 140 characters for all content(title + URL + username).

4.Make titles in the form of a question?

Normally people tend to choose the content that can give them more information, teach them something new or answer their questions.

Then, if some of your titles give them to understand that the content can answer those questions or needs that afflict them, they will be more predisposed to read those contents.

How?/ What?/ Why?/ For what?/ Which one?/ Etc

A clear example is this post.

5. Seeks to create excitement

Related to the previous point.Use in your titles a style of handling with a touch of subtlety, but using a technique that can arouse the curiosity of your potential readers towards that content.

Example: Know / Discover one of the best ways to publish a …

6. Do not write the whole title in capital letters

  • Contrary to what many people think, the abuse of capitals in titles is not a very good tactic to attract attention, or give us greater visibility or virality.
  • A sentence with a well-written word and with capital letters only where it corresponds will give a better look and a more professional presentation to that title.
  • In addition, normally in social networks, writing everything in capital letters makes it clear to your readers that you are shouting at them … what can be counterproductive.

7.Sell that content in a few words

Use your most commercial side

This is common sense: most people want to know that they will have some extra benefit, clearly recognizable, by spending 5 minutes of their time reading that content.

Then, using the above, we must finally be able to sell that content.Sell it thanks to a title that gives our readers the feeling that, when reading our article, they will find the information they are looking for.

But, be very careful and do not sell him smoke, but it will be the first and last time that person reads you!

8. Google title

Finally, conducting a search on Google following that title will give you a better idea of its originality and how competitive your keywords are.Because if that title is the same as many others, you run the risk of people not paying attention to it.For believing it duplicate or repeated content.

Conclusion(write more viral titles)

The most important thing is that a title awakens in the reader an impulse that leads him to read and share your content.For that reason, put yourself in their place and, in addition to using the advice I give you here, think if you would click on that title yourself, to see what there is to discover behind it(see: create a successful corporate blog).


Transportation Management: The 3 Most VehicleTracking Software

Those who are faced with the situation of having to manage a commercial operation involving intermodal transport may encounter serious difficulties if they lack the necessary training and experience. Relying on a good technological tool simplifies the process and increases the chances of success, that’s why here we collect a sample of some of the best software for transport management.

The Best TransportManagement Software

The management of transport fleets, international transport, the variety of transport is some of the management problems faced by logistics companies, which is why it is necessary that, to optimize all this work, have computer programs for logistics that help them with the control of these and other issues.

There are many vehicles tracking software that exist today in the market focused on meeting the needs of transport companies. Next, we indicate the top 3 of the programs for the management of the transport that, in our opinion, are more complete.

Transportation Management The 3 Most VehicleTracking Software

1. SAP

Its objective is to help provide greater value to the service and simplify transport management. It is oriented to transport companies, logistics service providers or a hotel service provider.

  • Automates bidding, execution, monitoring and installation processes for cargo transport, both international and domestic transport.
  • It has special tools to manage logistics, especially useful when intermodal transport intervenes.
  • Integrates finances with management processes.


  • Streamlines decision making, providing specific information of the market and the client in real time.
  • Encourages integration and increases adaptability.
  • Facilitates communication and enhances network collaboration.
  • Optimizes process management and the use of resources and their maintenance.
  • It allows for a better follow-up that leads to greater control over operating and transportation expenses.

2. IBM

The IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution helps companies in the management of transport fleets to face challenges such as globalization, consolidation, the need for more flexible supply chains and the improvement of security. It also takes into account regulatory compliance with applicable legislation.

  • Electronically collect paper documents at the “point of entry”.
  • Capture and retain all documents and communications produced throughout its life cycle.
  • It contributes consistency, accuracy and punctuality in the publication of policies, procedures, forms,
  • documentation and training materials.
  • Stores and manages critical corporate content and communications.


  • Minimizes costs, which is essential for intermodal transport.
  • Avoid delays
  • Prevents fines and penalties.
  • It provides a unique vision of customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Facilitates the creation of compliance reports.
  • It contributes to obtaining a more precise and detailed understanding of the client’s needs.

Transportation Management The 3 Most VehicleTracking Software

3. Transics

They are specialists in transport management and, as a result of their integral platform proposal, they can achieve cost savings by facilitating the choice of the best alternative in each case. They also guarantee the agility and safety of the processes and the flow of documentation, thanks to the automation that your system allows.It includes tools to manage: loading, distribution, drivers, orders, subcontractors, trailers and vehicles.


  • Connect the road with the office.
  • It allows a better control over the fleet.
  • Integra all its tools in a user friendly platform.
  • Avoid legal obstacles
  • Send the documents from the truck to the office in minutes.
  • It helps to find ecological and economic routes.
  • Improve communications.

Casino operators seek to paralyze municipal bidding at Uudet Nettikasinot

The bidding of municipal casinos, the biggest change to the casino industry in Chile in the last 10 years, could be slowed down by Justice. In recent weeks, the current operators of casinos Enjoy and Marina del Sol and Inversiones del Sur -which operates the Puerto Natales municipal precinct- have brought to justice six resources through which they question the basis of the ongoing process with which Is seeking to award a new operator for seven licenses at uudet-nettikasinot.fi.

The dispute between the operators and the Superintendency of Casinos and Games (SCJ) arises from the special demands raised by the mayors and which were taken into account by the Board of Governors during the first part of the year, following the industry’s normative change Which came into force in August 2015.

In its lawsuit, filed by the concessionaire that operates the Coquimbo casino, Sociedad Campos del Norte SA, Enjoy complains “serious defects of legality and arbitrariness” of former Superintendent of Casinos and Games, Karl Dieter Reyes. In the opinion of the operator two technical circulars, issued on June 17, violate constitutional guarantees.

The remedy of protection is in full process, despite having been declared inadmissible at first. “If the obligation to grant the purchase option to the municipality remains in force, it empowers it to freely dispose of the property that our legal system grants to my represented, which means that it will be subject to the mere will of the Municipality of Coquimbo, without clear rules, which violates the guarantee established in Article 19 No. 24 of the Constitution, “says the appeal of Enjoy presented by counsel Guillermo De La Jara.

“It’s funny that both concessionaires who have municipal casinos, and those who do not have them, claim that this is wrong,” said a senior executive of the industry.

For its part, Marina del Sol, a firm linked to the Imschenetzky family and the Canadian fund Clairvesty that operates casinos in Concepción, Calama and Osorno, also called for a halt to the bidding process. The company filed four protection actions for the adjudication of the casinos in the communes of Iquique, Coquimbo, Viña del Mar and Puerto Varas.

“The companies are in their right to present the judicial resources that they consider pertinent, which, moreover, are common actions in this type of processes. However, it is important to make it clear that the elaboration of Bases and Regulations for this process was carried out with the participation of industry and with the collaboration of different public and private actors, so as to safeguard the principles of transparency and competitiveness “, clarified the Superintendency of Gambling Casinos.


8 Steps Of how to Smoke Meat in a Smoker

The addition of the smoked flavor of beef, chicken or wild game creates a whole new feel of the trowel. Smoking is also ideal for making cecina. It takes a little effort and time to produce smoking meat, but the effort is worth it.

Smoke Meat

Smoke Meat

. Things You’ll Need

  • Smoker
  • Pieces of wood or chips
  • Meat
  • Source of heat (gas, electricity, or coal and lighter)
  • Thermometer (usually included in the smoker)


Prepare the meat to be smoked. Cut the meat to the desired thickness. Soak the meat in a marinade or pickle if desired.

Prepare the wood used to produce the smoke by immersing it in water for about one hour. If you are using wood chips, wrap the wet chips in foil that has holes drilled to allow the smoke to escape.

Place the wood in its proper place according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the smoker.

Turn on the heat source. Electric and gas smokers regulate meat for you. If you use a charcoal smoker, you will need to pay more attention to the temperature to make sure it stays in the smoker.

Place the meat on the backs of your smoker’s meat.

Maintain a temperature of about 225 degrees Fahrenheit. In a charcoal smoker, there are usually two tubes that can be opened to increase heat or closed to reduce it. Once you reach this temperature, it is fairly easy to maintain.

Add more coal needed to perpetuate a constant temperature. Add more wood chips if the smoke seems to diminish.

Remove the meat when it appears to be done. If you are using a recipe, the timing should be included. Otherwise, it could be difficult to determine when the meat is made, because the smoked meat will continue to investigate pink because of the chemical reaction the smoke has in it. The best way to know it is by the consistency of the meat. The way the meat is torn must be the same as the non-smoked meat completely cooked.


What should be studied to be a dog trainer?

If you love dogs and want to become a canine educator and trainer to develop your professional work in the sector, in this article you will find all the keys to achieve your goal.


What qualification do I need to be a dog trainer?


What is the Certificate of Professionalism Basic Training and Dog Education?


This certificate accredits your skills to train dogs and dog trainer boston is the platform through learning techniques and behavior modification, adapt them to the living environment, as well as your knowledge in first aid, among others.To meet this goal, applicants must complete a training of more than 300 teaching hours, including a 40-hour professional internship module. The formative units that make up the program are the following:


  • Basic dog training techniques.
  • Modification of unwanted behaviors.
  • Hygienic dog care.
  • First aid applied to dogs.

Dog trainer courses can be conducted at any approved center, which must follow a number of conditions. If you want to know more about the course syllabus or the conditions that the centers must fulfill, click here.


Where can I work with the canine trainer / educator certificate?


The title allows you to develop your professional activity, both for others and own in a variety of establishments: organizations and companies engaged in breeding, training, sports and recreational activities with dogs; In addition to residences, kennels, centers for adoption and / or care of abandoned animals. He also trains to work as an assistant in veterinary clinics and dog shops.


What Do We Have To Do Every Morning At Work

The increase in air pollution … The coldness and dryness of the air makes the nasal mucous membranes more susceptible to infection development … The fall of the resistance of the body which consumes more energy to adapt to the cold weather … Because of all these factors we risk the risk of diseases such as colds, flu, tonsils and ear infections increasing.
Result; Many complaints such as frequent noses, sneezing, coughing and fatigue. However, these infectious diseases, which reduce our quality of life and prevent us from both our social life and our work, can be safely protected. And with our simple methods of moving our own pens, giving breaks for 5 minutes, clearing our workmanship and our computer. Yrd. Assoc. Dr Hülya Kuşoğlu told us the rules that we should pay attention to in our daily life because we do not spend the winter season healthy.
1. Wash your hands for at least 15 seconds

The most effective way to prevent the spread of infections is undoubtedly frequent handwashing. Because your hands are covered with hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, parasites and viruses that are not visible due to the various activities we do during the day. For this reason, take care to wash your hands thoroughly with plenty of water and soap for at least 15 seconds including wrists, palms, fingers, fingers, hand backs and nails.

What Do We Have To Do Every Morning At Work
2. Clean your desk every morning

You can reduce the spread of the infection by wiping common materials before touching them. For example; You can protect the infectivity from the infection by cleaning up the tables, pens and computer keyboards you use in the workplace. It will be useful to clean the door handles frequently or clean them with antiseptic products or handkerchiefs before you use sports equipment in the gym, but also to protect yourself from infections.
3. Move your pen with you

We are more likely to get infections from many places we touch during the day. One of these seems to be a small possibility, but in common use of pencils we use very often. Take care to use your own pen at work, in banks, in stores and in many places to protect yourself from infections.

4. Use your own water cup

Common kitchenware used without washing with water and soap contributes to the spread of viruses and bacteria. Therefore, if you use materials such as glasses, cutlery and spoons that others have used without cleaning, it will cause you to catch diseases very quickly. For this reason, absolutely wash all such materials that are used in common before using them.
5. Use a mask

We spend more time indoors in cold weather. Bacteria and viruses suspended in droplets in the air can easily be transmitted by respiration; It can cause upper and lower respiratory tract infections such as colds, flu, pneumonia. For this reason, avoiding as much indoor space as possible, using a mask to cover your mouth and nose if you need to go away will be a preventive approach to avoiding the infection.
6. Take 10 thousand steps a day

Regular exercises do not neglect walking and exercises in non-rainy weather as your body strengthens the defense system. A daily 10 thousand steps recommendation for your body health is a recommended recommendation all over the world.

7. Eat colorful

It is very important to have a balanced diet for a strong immune system. Especially consuming various kinds of fruits and vegetables will naturally provide necessary nutrition items and vitamins for health. As far as possible, stay away from industrial gardens, prefer natural products.
8. Give 5 minute breaks

The immune system is damaged when the brain and body get tired. For this reason, you should try to reduce the stress factors as much as possible and create opportunities for relaxation after activities to relax your body with your brain. During the day, I recommend you to give yourself 5 minute breaks.


What are the options of plastic surgery

Care is taken to select procedures that offer the possibility of less intervention in order not to distort the nature. In some cases, your surgeon may also suggest one of the non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Aesthetic surgical options are far more diverse than they are supposed to, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. ”

Isolated aesthetic surgery

“For people with less than a hundred percent ageing, neck stretching, forehead stretching, removal of the mid-face area, eyelid surgery or jaw surgery can minimise the effects of ageing and achieve a younger look.Aesthetic treatments applied to improve the body’s appearance are liposuction, Breast enlargement or reduction, and abdominal stretching procedures. ”

Minimally invasive aesthetic surgery

“The chosen method for many surgical procedures, including aesthetic surgery, is directed to the less invasive technique used in conventional open surgery.In minimally invasive surgery, imaging is done with the help of comprehensive and specially designed surgical instruments, which do not require surgery to open a major incision Only through a few small incisions. ”

What are the options of plastic surgery?

Advantages of minimally invasive aesthetic surgery

“Minimally invasive alternatives usually offer less pain, fewer scars, and a faster recovery for the patient.Most operations from heart surgery to vasectomy are now minimally invasive, in fact, surgery with small incisions and therapeutic procedures become standardised Today, aesthetic and plastic surgeons use a variety of tools and techniques to make procedures such as face lifting and eyelid lifting more effective. In fact, many aesthetic procedures, local aesthetic procedures, and so on, Or general anaesthesia The recovery times vary depending on the procedure, but usually, the healing period varies from one to two weeks in facial aesthetic surgery, in fact, most patients can continue their normal activities within two weeks of the surgery. ”

Non-surgical procedures

Kiss. Dr Current Ozturk Fine lines and wrinkles, lack of volume in the face, some nasal defects and chest fullness can be corrected with non-surgical procedures. Facial lines can be beautified with collagen and hyaluronic acid gel injections, a safe procedure that can be easily applied even at noon. These treatments are found in your own collagen and hyaluronic acid reinforcements. It is a natural application as it is the material that exists in the skin and it is a long-lasting application that comes out immediately. With non-surgical techniques, the problems of arch and asymmetry can be solved. The décolleté region in the breasts can be plump. It is a more appropriate procedure especially for patients with fear of surgery and anaesthesia. Although it varies from person to person because it is recycled, the injections should be repeated once or twice a year on average. “


The ideal Way To Put Your Body into Shape

At the beginning of common troubles in both men’s and women’s bodies, body deformities come; Undesirable excesses, such as indentations. The main reason for the bad reflection of the body shape is the disproportionality of the body silhouette. For example; The absence of waist forming a flat body. The absence of the waistline causes a flat waist appearance. This also destroys the overall image. In the same way that the bass is clearly visible, it is both broad and short. At the same time a flat pop-up display; Which, in turn, causes the person to feel bad about himself. The shape changes that make people unhappy are often thought of as the problem of overweight people. However, it is not directly related to weight, but very weak people may also have problems with a shape.


The real position is whether or not the body shape is as desirable as the weight. For example, even in a very weak person, the indentation in the knee bones, a small oil deposit; May cause an undesirable appearance in the body silhouette. The fact that the ankles are too thin may cause a skewed appearance but may cause a thick appearance. A small surplus in the food district can completely overturn the proportions. The shape of the body is intended to resume this shape for life while it is rearranging to look beautiful. As this type of correction is made for completely fat tissue, a weight loss during the procedure is a matter of weight loss. For this reason, liposuction and lipolysis processes are perceived to be among the people as if they were made to lose weight. But the truth is that the goal is to give shape. This process is the secondary gain.

 The ideal Way To Put Your Body into Shape


Nowadays, such processes are done with lipolysis and liposuction combinations. Lipolysis is a technique applied in liposuction, not an alternative to liposuction. Lipolysis can be applied alone to very small areas. Applying lipolysis alone to larger areas can put someone’s health at risk because lipolysis means dissolving the fat. The removal of dissolved fat from the body can be expressed as taking out, throwing out from the body, emptying, but scientifically called liposuction. If this procedure is not carried out, if the molten oil is left under the skin, It may lead to serious damage to the kidneys since the dissolved fat excretion will be entire with the kidneys. For this reason, lipolysis alone can be applied to only small areas. Lipolysis; Is to give the energy to dissolve oil and to provide relief. Different types of energy can be obtained by pressure, vibration, ultrasonic laser techniques, or they can be dissolved by blowing fat cells by disrupting the osmotic pressure balance with liquids. Briefly, lipolysis techniques are very alternative and have no distinct superiority to each other. The goal here is to melt the oil. Fusing provides a convenient way for the surgeon to facilitate the liposuction process. Today, after lipolysis and liposuction, the bruise is also seriously reduced. There is a thin cannula in the lipolysis process, like a crochet, this cannula is energised to the oil below it, and the oil is melted. The oil is also recovered with a cannula of similar size. Another common misconception is that lipolysis is small and liposuction is a larger procedure. It depends entirely on the surgeon’s choice; The liposuction process of the lipolysis process has large and small cannulae. The surgeon can do it with either of them.

Both operations can be done with cannulas, such as crochet, or cannulas with larger sizes. Both processes are not more accurate or more traumatic than others. While one is energising, the other is supplied with energy. If these operations are performed even in the entire body, the average construction time will vary between 15 minutes and 3 hours according to the construction sites. It can be done under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia, but whichever is chosen, it must be done in sterile operating room environment if you enter into your body and intervene under the skin.Immediately after the procedure, the shape will appear as follows: If the body is thought to be a glass of water, a tea cup is provided. The formation of body lines and curves comes on the same day. But there is a need for thinning for weeks, so the figure will come out, but this shape is not the main shape. The figure obtained in the following weeks will be more elaborate. The use of corset will be good because it will speed up the examination.


Will there be fluctuation after lipolysis and liposuction? Will we lose weight abnormally? These two are not normal consequences of lipolysis and liposuction. Not every process is done. If an appropriate person is treated by an appropriate physician in the proper way, there is no surge. So fluctuation is not a normal result of lipolysis and liposuction. We frequently encounter close-knees like ‘I got lipolysis and liposuction and got the weight from elsewhere’. Lipolysis and liposuction processes do not have this sort of result because the goal is not to finish the bottom of the fat.

The purpose of these operations is to bring the oil thickness in the region of application to a similar level with other zones; For this reason, the shape is permanent. In terms of weight loss, the whole body is wide or narrow. But the amount of fat under the deep can escape to the extreme, which some patients can say 5-10 litres. In fact, this is not an important account of the litres given in this point, the weight of the fat to give the right thickness to continue to allow the continuation of the fat tissue to leave the subcutaneous. If the subcutaneous fat thickness does not remain as it should be, of course, negative results may be encountered or the person who is not suitable, the skin elasticity, the contraction capacity is completely gone.


  •  Where can lipolysis and liposuction be done?

Lipolysis and liposuction can be applied to everywhere that is food, neck, arm, back, abdomen, waist, leg, groin, ankle, knee, oil. For example, lipolysis and liposuction may be applied to the areas where the mammal is squeezed on the side of the brassiere hanger.


One of the important advantages of lipolysis and liposuction is that lipolysis technology causes fat melting by energy and later it causes a contraction at the bottom. Likewise, superficial, i.e., superficial, subcutaneous liposuction of liposuction’s new species also causes a deep seizure. Thus, after lipolysis and liposuction there is no loosening, but on the contrary, there may be a slight amount of contraction in the skin.


Watch Out For The Cause of Cancer!

Watch Out For The Cause of Cancer!

In a study by a group of researchers affiliated with the Barcelona Research Institute in Spain, scientists identified a special type of protein called CD36 in cancer cells capable of spreading. It has been discovered that CD36, which is tasked with task fatty acids, is found only in invasive cells and has a distinguishing feature in terms of function.

Stem Cell and Cancer Laboratories Professor Salvador Aznar Benitah and his team have found that this particular protein is present in all of the cells in the invasive specimen, from samples taken from multiple cancer cells that are effective in different parts of the body, such as mouth, skin, uterus, urinary incontinence, breast. To understand the role of CD36 in spreading cancer, the team that injected the protein into non-invasive cancer cells observed that the protein gave the cells an expansionary character.

Watch Out For The Cause of Cancer!

In the next step, researchers injected a kind of oral cancer cells seen in humans into mice fed with fatty foods to understand the effect of fat digestion on cancer spread. It has been seen that cancer cells spread rapidly in 50 percent of mice fed on a high-fat diet. Scientists used a special saturated fatty acid as a building block of animal and vegetable oils, which are often used in everyday life, until recently, called palmitic acid, gildalane processed from peanut butter and toothpaste. A group of mice with invasive oral cancer cells containing CD26 fed with palmitic acid for two days and all of these mice had cancerous cells spreading.

On the other hand, half of the mice fed a normal diet and injected with cancerous cells were said to have spread. When the process is reversed, that is, when CD36 activity in cancerous cells is inhibited by antibiotics, the spread in 20 percent of the mice was completely absent, with the remainder 80 to 90 percent reduced. No serious side effects were encountered in this process.

Professor Benita noted that the oil was a necessary component of the body’s functioning, and on the other hand, uncontrolled consumption had serious damages to human health. It is anticipated that the groundbreaking work on the results will be useful for the development of new drugs that can be used in the treatment of cancer.




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