Casino operators seek to paralyze municipal bidding at Uudet Nettikasinot

The bidding of municipal casinos, the biggest change to the casino industry in Chile in the last 10 years, could be slowed down by Justice. In recent weeks, the current operators of casinos Enjoy and Marina del Sol and Inversiones del Sur -which operates the Puerto Natales municipal precinct- have brought to justice six resources through which they question the basis of the ongoing process with which Is seeking to award a new operator for seven licenses at uudet-nettikasinot.fi.

The dispute between the operators and the Superintendency of Casinos and Games (SCJ) arises from the special demands raised by the mayors and which were taken into account by the Board of Governors during the first part of the year, following the industry’s normative change Which came into force in August 2015.

In its lawsuit, filed by the concessionaire that operates the Coquimbo casino, Sociedad Campos del Norte SA, Enjoy complains “serious defects of legality and arbitrariness” of former Superintendent of Casinos and Games, Karl Dieter Reyes. In the opinion of the operator two technical circulars, issued on June 17, violate constitutional guarantees.

The remedy of protection is in full process, despite having been declared inadmissible at first. “If the obligation to grant the purchase option to the municipality remains in force, it empowers it to freely dispose of the property that our legal system grants to my represented, which means that it will be subject to the mere will of the Municipality of Coquimbo, without clear rules, which violates the guarantee established in Article 19 No. 24 of the Constitution, “says the appeal of Enjoy presented by counsel Guillermo De La Jara.

“It’s funny that both concessionaires who have municipal casinos, and those who do not have them, claim that this is wrong,” said a senior executive of the industry.

For its part, Marina del Sol, a firm linked to the Imschenetzky family and the Canadian fund Clairvesty that operates casinos in Concepción, Calama and Osorno, also called for a halt to the bidding process. The company filed four protection actions for the adjudication of the casinos in the communes of Iquique, Coquimbo, Viña del Mar and Puerto Varas.

“The companies are in their right to present the judicial resources that they consider pertinent, which, moreover, are common actions in this type of processes. However, it is important to make it clear that the elaboration of Bases and Regulations for this process was carried out with the participation of industry and with the collaboration of different public and private actors, so as to safeguard the principles of transparency and competitiveness “, clarified the Superintendency of Gambling Casinos.