Transportation Management: The 3 Most VehicleTracking Software

Those who are faced with the situation of having to manage a commercial operation involving intermodal transport may encounter serious difficulties if they lack the necessary training and experience. Relying on a good technological tool simplifies the process and increases the chances of success, that’s why here we collect a sample of some of the best software for transport management.

The Best TransportManagement Software

The management of transport fleets, international transport, the variety of transport is some of the management problems faced by logistics companies, which is why it is necessary that, to optimize all this work, have computer programs for logistics that help them with the control of these and other issues.

There are many vehicles tracking software that exist today in the market focused on meeting the needs of transport companies. Next, we indicate the top 3 of the programs for the management of the transport that, in our opinion, are more complete.

Transportation Management The 3 Most VehicleTracking Software

1. SAP

Its objective is to help provide greater value to the service and simplify transport management. It is oriented to transport companies, logistics service providers or a hotel service provider.

  • Automates bidding, execution, monitoring and installation processes for cargo transport, both international and domestic transport.
  • It has special tools to manage logistics, especially useful when intermodal transport intervenes.
  • Integrates finances with management processes.


  • Streamlines decision making, providing specific information of the market and the client in real time.
  • Encourages integration and increases adaptability.
  • Facilitates communication and enhances network collaboration.
  • Optimizes process management and the use of resources and their maintenance.
  • It allows for a better follow-up that leads to greater control over operating and transportation expenses.

2. IBM

The IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution helps companies in the management of transport fleets to face challenges such as globalization, consolidation, the need for more flexible supply chains and the improvement of security. It also takes into account regulatory compliance with applicable legislation.

  • Electronically collect paper documents at the “point of entry”.
  • Capture and retain all documents and communications produced throughout its life cycle.
  • It contributes consistency, accuracy and punctuality in the publication of policies, procedures, forms,
  • documentation and training materials.
  • Stores and manages critical corporate content and communications.


  • Minimizes costs, which is essential for intermodal transport.
  • Avoid delays
  • Prevents fines and penalties.
  • It provides a unique vision of customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Facilitates the creation of compliance reports.
  • It contributes to obtaining a more precise and detailed understanding of the client’s needs.

Transportation Management The 3 Most VehicleTracking Software

3. Transics

They are specialists in transport management and, as a result of their integral platform proposal, they can achieve cost savings by facilitating the choice of the best alternative in each case. They also guarantee the agility and safety of the processes and the flow of documentation, thanks to the automation that your system allows.It includes tools to manage: loading, distribution, drivers, orders, subcontractors, trailers and vehicles.


  • Connect the road with the office.
  • It allows a better control over the fleet.
  • Integra all its tools in a user friendly platform.
  • Avoid legal obstacles
  • Send the documents from the truck to the office in minutes.
  • It helps to find ecological and economic routes.
  • Improve communications.