What Do We Have To Do Every Morning At Work

The increase in air pollution … The coldness and dryness of the air makes the nasal mucous membranes more susceptible to infection development … The fall of the resistance of the body which consumes more energy to adapt to the cold weather … Because of all these factors we risk the risk of diseases such as colds, flu, tonsils and ear infections increasing.
Result; Many complaints such as frequent noses, sneezing, coughing and fatigue. However, these infectious diseases, which reduce our quality of life and prevent us from both our social life and our work, can be safely protected. And with our simple methods of moving our own pens, giving breaks for 5 minutes, clearing our workmanship and our computer. Yrd. Assoc. Dr Hülya Kuşoğlu told us the rules that we should pay attention to in our daily life because we do not spend the winter season healthy.
1. Wash your hands for at least 15 seconds

The most effective way to prevent the spread of infections is undoubtedly frequent handwashing. Because your hands are covered with hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, parasites and viruses that are not visible due to the various activities we do during the day. For this reason, take care to wash your hands thoroughly with plenty of water and soap for at least 15 seconds including wrists, palms, fingers, fingers, hand backs and nails.

What Do We Have To Do Every Morning At Work
2. Clean your desk every morning

You can reduce the spread of the infection by wiping common materials before touching them. For example; You can protect the infectivity from the infection by cleaning up the tables, pens and computer keyboards you use in the workplace. It will be useful to clean the door handles frequently or clean them with antiseptic products or handkerchiefs before you use sports equipment in the gym, but also to protect yourself from infections.
3. Move your pen with you

We are more likely to get infections from many places we touch during the day. One of these seems to be a small possibility, but in common use of pencils we use very often. Take care to use your own pen at work, in banks, in stores and in many places to protect yourself from infections.

4. Use your own water cup

Common kitchenware used without washing with water and soap contributes to the spread of viruses and bacteria. Therefore, if you use materials such as glasses, cutlery and spoons that others have used without cleaning, it will cause you to catch diseases very quickly. For this reason, absolutely wash all such materials that are used in common before using them.
5. Use a mask

We spend more time indoors in cold weather. Bacteria and viruses suspended in droplets in the air can easily be transmitted by respiration; It can cause upper and lower respiratory tract infections such as colds, flu, pneumonia. For this reason, avoiding as much indoor space as possible, using a mask to cover your mouth and nose if you need to go away will be a preventive approach to avoiding the infection.
6. Take 10 thousand steps a day

Regular exercises do not neglect walking and exercises in non-rainy weather as your body strengthens the defense system. A daily 10 thousand steps recommendation for your body health is a recommended recommendation all over the world.

7. Eat colorful

It is very important to have a balanced diet for a strong immune system. Especially consuming various kinds of fruits and vegetables will naturally provide necessary nutrition items and vitamins for health. As far as possible, stay away from industrial gardens, prefer natural products.
8. Give 5 minute breaks

The immune system is damaged when the brain and body get tired. For this reason, you should try to reduce the stress factors as much as possible and create opportunities for relaxation after activities to relax your body with your brain. During the day, I recommend you to give yourself 5 minute breaks.

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