The ideal Way To Put Your Body into Shape

At the beginning of common troubles in both men’s and women’s bodies, body deformities come; Undesirable excesses, such as indentations. The main reason for the bad reflection of the body shape is the disproportionality of the body silhouette. For example; The absence of waist forming a flat body. The absence of the waistline causes a flat waist appearance. This also destroys the overall image. In the same way that the bass is clearly visible, it is both broad and short. At the same time a flat pop-up display; Which, in turn, causes the person to feel bad about himself. The shape changes that make people unhappy are often thought of as the problem of overweight people. However, it is not directly related to weight, but very weak people may also have problems with a shape.


The real position is whether or not the body shape is as desirable as the weight. For example, even in a very weak person, the indentation in the knee bones, a small oil deposit; May cause an undesirable appearance in the body silhouette. The fact that the ankles are too thin may cause a skewed appearance but may cause a thick appearance. A small surplus in the food district can completely overturn the proportions. The shape of the body is intended to resume this shape for life while it is rearranging to look beautiful. As this type of correction is made for completely fat tissue, a weight loss during the procedure is a matter of weight loss. For this reason, liposuction and lipolysis processes are perceived to be among the people as if they were made to lose weight. But the truth is that the goal is to give shape. This process is the secondary gain.

 The ideal Way To Put Your Body into Shape


Nowadays, such processes are done with lipolysis and liposuction combinations. Lipolysis is a technique applied in liposuction, not an alternative to liposuction. Lipolysis can be applied alone to very small areas. Applying lipolysis alone to larger areas can put someone’s health at risk because lipolysis means dissolving the fat. The removal of dissolved fat from the body can be expressed as taking out, throwing out from the body, emptying, but scientifically called liposuction. If this procedure is not carried out, if the molten oil is left under the skin, It may lead to serious damage to the kidneys since the dissolved fat excretion will be entire with the kidneys. For this reason, lipolysis alone can be applied to only small areas. Lipolysis; Is to give the energy to dissolve oil and to provide relief. Different types of energy can be obtained by pressure, vibration, ultrasonic laser techniques, or they can be dissolved by blowing fat cells by disrupting the osmotic pressure balance with liquids. Briefly, lipolysis techniques are very alternative and have no distinct superiority to each other. The goal here is to melt the oil. Fusing provides a convenient way for the surgeon to facilitate the liposuction process. Today, after lipolysis and liposuction, the bruise is also seriously reduced. There is a thin cannula in the lipolysis process, like a crochet, this cannula is energised to the oil below it, and the oil is melted. The oil is also recovered with a cannula of similar size. Another common misconception is that lipolysis is small and liposuction is a larger procedure. It depends entirely on the surgeon’s choice; The liposuction process of the lipolysis process has large and small cannulae. The surgeon can do it with either of them.

Both operations can be done with cannulas, such as crochet, or cannulas with larger sizes. Both processes are not more accurate or more traumatic than others. While one is energising, the other is supplied with energy. If these operations are performed even in the entire body, the average construction time will vary between 15 minutes and 3 hours according to the construction sites. It can be done under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia, but whichever is chosen, it must be done in sterile operating room environment if you enter into your body and intervene under the skin.Immediately after the procedure, the shape will appear as follows: If the body is thought to be a glass of water, a tea cup is provided. The formation of body lines and curves comes on the same day. But there is a need for thinning for weeks, so the figure will come out, but this shape is not the main shape. The figure obtained in the following weeks will be more elaborate. The use of corset will be good because it will speed up the examination.


Will there be fluctuation after lipolysis and liposuction? Will we lose weight abnormally? These two are not normal consequences of lipolysis and liposuction. Not every process is done. If an appropriate person is treated by an appropriate physician in the proper way, there is no surge. So fluctuation is not a normal result of lipolysis and liposuction. We frequently encounter close-knees like ‘I got lipolysis and liposuction and got the weight from elsewhere’. Lipolysis and liposuction processes do not have this sort of result because the goal is not to finish the bottom of the fat.

The purpose of these operations is to bring the oil thickness in the region of application to a similar level with other zones; For this reason, the shape is permanent. In terms of weight loss, the whole body is wide or narrow. But the amount of fat under the deep can escape to the extreme, which some patients can say 5-10 litres. In fact, this is not an important account of the litres given in this point, the weight of the fat to give the right thickness to continue to allow the continuation of the fat tissue to leave the subcutaneous. If the subcutaneous fat thickness does not remain as it should be, of course, negative results may be encountered or the person who is not suitable, the skin elasticity, the contraction capacity is completely gone.


  •  Where can lipolysis and liposuction be done?

Lipolysis and liposuction can be applied to everywhere that is food, neck, arm, back, abdomen, waist, leg, groin, ankle, knee, oil. For example, lipolysis and liposuction may be applied to the areas where the mammal is squeezed on the side of the brassiere hanger.


One of the important advantages of lipolysis and liposuction is that lipolysis technology causes fat melting by energy and later it causes a contraction at the bottom. Likewise, superficial, i.e., superficial, subcutaneous liposuction of liposuction’s new species also causes a deep seizure. Thus, after lipolysis and liposuction there is no loosening, but on the contrary, there may be a slight amount of contraction in the skin.

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