What are the options of plastic surgery

Care is taken to select procedures that offer the possibility of less intervention in order not to distort the nature. In some cases, your surgeon may also suggest one of the non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Aesthetic surgical options are far more diverse than they are supposed to, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. ”

Isolated aesthetic surgery

“For people with less than a hundred percent ageing, neck stretching, forehead stretching, removal of the mid-face area, eyelid surgery or jaw surgery can minimise the effects of ageing and achieve a younger look.Aesthetic treatments applied to improve the body’s appearance are liposuction, Breast enlargement or reduction, and abdominal stretching procedures. ”

Minimally invasive aesthetic surgery

“The chosen method for many surgical procedures, including aesthetic surgery, is directed to the less invasive technique used in conventional open surgery.In minimally invasive surgery, imaging is done with the help of comprehensive and specially designed surgical instruments, which do not require surgery to open a major incision Only through a few small incisions. ”

What are the options of plastic surgery?

Advantages of minimally invasive aesthetic surgery

“Minimally invasive alternatives usually offer less pain, fewer scars, and a faster recovery for the patient.Most operations from heart surgery to vasectomy are now minimally invasive, in fact, surgery with small incisions and therapeutic procedures become standardised Today, aesthetic and plastic surgeons use a variety of tools and techniques to make procedures such as face lifting and eyelid lifting more effective. In fact, many aesthetic procedures, local aesthetic procedures, and so on, Or general anaesthesia The recovery times vary depending on the procedure, but usually, the healing period varies from one to two weeks in facial aesthetic surgery, in fact, most patients can continue their normal activities within two weeks of the surgery. ”

Non-surgical procedures

Kiss. Dr Current Ozturk Fine lines and wrinkles, lack of volume in the face, some nasal defects and chest fullness can be corrected with non-surgical procedures. Facial lines can be beautified with collagen and hyaluronic acid gel injections, a safe procedure that can be easily applied even at noon. These treatments are found in your own collagen and hyaluronic acid reinforcements. It is a natural application as it is the material that exists in the skin and it is a long-lasting application that comes out immediately. With non-surgical techniques, the problems of arch and asymmetry can be solved. The décolleté region in the breasts can be plump. It is a more appropriate procedure especially for patients with fear of surgery and anaesthesia. Although it varies from person to person because it is recycled, the injections should be repeated once or twice a year on average. “

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