What should be studied to be a dog trainer?

If you love dogs and want to become a canine educator and trainer to develop your professional work in the sector, in this article you will find all the keys to achieve your goal.


What qualification do I need to be a dog trainer?


What is the Certificate of Professionalism Basic Training and Dog Education?


This certificate accredits your skills to train dogs and dog trainer boston is the platform through learning techniques and behavior modification, adapt them to the living environment, as well as your knowledge in first aid, among others.To meet this goal, applicants must complete a training of more than 300 teaching hours, including a 40-hour professional internship module. The formative units that make up the program are the following:


  • Basic dog training techniques.
  • Modification of unwanted behaviors.
  • Hygienic dog care.
  • First aid applied to dogs.

Dog trainer courses can be conducted at any approved center, which must follow a number of conditions. If you want to know more about the course syllabus or the conditions that the centers must fulfill, click here.


Where can I work with the canine trainer / educator certificate?


The title allows you to develop your professional activity, both for others and own in a variety of establishments: organizations and companies engaged in breeding, training, sports and recreational activities with dogs; In addition to residences, kennels, centers for adoption and / or care of abandoned animals. He also trains to work as an assistant in veterinary clinics and dog shops.

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